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[...] that you can make via Content Management System (CMS) in admin area. domain and hosting is included. [...]


[...] that you can make via Content Management System (CMS) in admin area. domain and hosting is included. [...]

zimbra nginx proxy failed

[...] bits the problem start when i want to login to Zimbra admin area does not work i restarted it i find that nginx proxy Failed [...]

Using Namespaces and Autoloading in WordPress Plugins, Part 1

Namespaces and autoloading are not topics that are usually discussed when it comes to working with WordPress plugins. Some of this has to do with the community that's around it, some of this has to [...]

What is BuddyPress? How to Set Up and Use it Right

[...] given their own profile which they can control from the admin area. [...]

Tips to Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers

[...] very important to use strong passwords to server and website admin area. [...]


GitLab: SMTP mail works from console only

[...] Under Admin Area > Monitoring > Background Jobs, nothing special is displayed. [...]

How to Make your First Sale with Shopify

[...] This is an exciting time and many storeowners refresh their admin area for hours hoping to see just one sale – the very [...]

Pre & Post Development Tips To Make WordPress Website SEO-Friendly

[...] is to install the plugin by going to the WordPress admin area. [...]

Filter Term By Parent Term - Custom Post Type

[...] additional taxonomies to the database at any point in the admin area. [...]

How to disable all admin jQuery with WHMCS

[...] The version of jQuery loaded inside the admin area of WordPress is conflicting with WHMCS. [...]

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